The unplanned reaps reward – Part 1

Photo by Pamela Logan

Photo by Pamela Logan

One of the greatest joys in my life is adventure hiking.  I began back-country, mountain excursions about two years ago, and at first it was with a bit of trepidation.  My mountaineering skills were not extensive and I didn’t quite know my surroundings.  I just followed and trusted my hiking partner, an experienced mountaineer.

An internal turmoil arose during these initial hikes because of my analytical nature.  I tend to analyze everything from all angles before taking action.  I feel most comfortable when I have a well-defined plan.  I am most comfortable when I stay on the trails, remain within the boundaries, and don’t push the limits.  If I stay within the plan’s parameters, then everything will turn out fine.

Thus, when you find yourself tromping about the mountains of Colorado and not following a trail (bushwacking) the adventure can be a bit unnerving to an analytical, control freak.  Fortunately, over time, these outings have been a great cure for my anal tendencies.

Proceeding without a plan takes confidence and flexibility.  It also takes a willingness to learn and explore.  It develops resiliency – to move forward despite the adversities of life.  No one is immune to adversity.  The important part is how we respond to the challenges of life.  There is nothing wrong with having a plan, but one has to be prepared to continue moving forward and learning even if the plan falls to pieces.  Learning and expanding one’s horizons takes action – to take the first small step – and then to follow it up with another step.

How about you?  Can unplanned aspects of your life bring value to your life?

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