Twenty deer

stag-340981_640One place that I thoroughly enjoy is Red Rocks Open Space near my home.  There are miles of trails to enjoy at the foothills of Pikes Peak.  Whenever I need some refreshing and solitude, I take a long walk there.

On one pleasant early spring evening, I ventured out to Red Rocks, close to sunset.  After a long walk, I was descending a hill back towards the parking lot, I paused in a small, flat clearing so that I could look to the evening sky in the east.

It was past dusk.  I wanted to observe Mars, since it was supposed to be very large and obvious.  I stood still for several minutes, allowing my eyes to adjust as they scanned the night sky.  It was calm and peaceful.

I noticed a crunching noise to my right.  This park lies on the edge of bear country and cougars are seen in these parts every once in awhile.  Naturally I became cautious of the noise.  Without jerking or jumping, I looked to my right.  I could barely make out the silhouette of something not too far, maybe ten yards away.

As my eyes adjusted, I could tell it was a deer, gently grazing in the dry grass.  After some time, I could make out more deer.  I counted over twenty deer who had moved into this grassy plane.

I remained still so I could observe what they did. 

Every once in awhile a deer would lift her head and stare at me.  Gradually they progressed and surrounded me.  I watched in stillness and quiet.  Slowly they walked and grazed, always keeping their eyes on me.  It was a beautiful event.

The beautiful events in life are there for us.  We just need to slow down so that we can be caught in them.  When we rush, we haven’t the time to see the beauty that surrounds us.

If our agenda is too full with activity and we bounce from one thing to the next, we won’t have the focus to see the small beauty of life or the time to savor the moment.

We need to carve out time in our days to do nothing.  To stand still and be amazed at what surrounds us.  Stillness is necessary in life to see, and hear, and touch, and taste that which is unique and meaningful.

Make room in your life for still observation so that you too can experience the joy and beauty of the unexpected.

What can you do today to be still and enjoy?

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