Keep short accounts


One of the beautiful and most endearing aspects of the Christian faith is forgiveness.

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or God or a higher power or not, no one can deny that wrong choices are made by all people throughout life.  Offenses are committed.  Bad words are spoken.  Neglect is administered.   Accidents happen, and wrong choices are made by all.

We have all been offended by someone at one time or another.  Maybe it was a neglectful or abusive father, maybe a coach who didn’t see your potential as an athlete, or maybe it was words of encouragement you longed for but were never spoken to you.  We’ve all been sinned against and have committed sins that need resolution.

Forgiveness is essential for our health: emotional, spiritual, and physical.  To hold on to a wrong against us keeps us from moving forward and growing in life.

We need to let go and forgive.

Now granting forgiveness does not necessarily mean you return to the same place you were in the relationship.  Please do not go back to an abusive or unhealthy relationship.

Don’t live in the past or hold a grudge.

A friend of mine has a great saying (which I am sure others have said previously) that reminds me to not embrace bitterness.

“Bitterness is a poison one drinks hoping that it will kill the other person.”

Bitterness and un-forgiveness are poison to our souls and spirits.  It will slowly rob us of life and do little to the other person.

Forgiveness is the essential, foundational truth of Christianity.  All mankind sins against God.  Because of our sin, our relationship with God is broken.  God provided us a way to receive forgiveness and restore our relationship with Him.

Likewise we are to practice forgiveness here on earth during our short lives.  We must be willing to forgive those who have wronged us.

Forgiveness is not normally a one-time event.  Rather it is a process of letting go of the hurt and anger is small, progressive steps.

It is the process of seeing the situation from the other’s perspective.  In her blog, The Moments We Stand, Ashlee learned about forgiveness from her young children, who were able to forgive their father’s murderer.

Forgiveness is the process of releasing and realizing that the past is over and the future can be better by letting go of the bad decisions and experiences of the past.

It is the process of renewal.  Starting each day fresh.  Being grateful for today and enjoying the simple things of the here and now.

It is keeping short accounts.  Don’t hold and accumulate bad feelings, bad memories, and bad situations without resolution.  The stress will kill you.  Rather, it is frequently, even daily, asking for forgiveness and realizing that we are all fallible creatures.

Keep short accounts.

Don’t keep a record of wrongs.

Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.  James 5:16 (ESV)

Life is too short to carry a grudge.  It will only slow you down.

Ask for forgiveness, but don’t demand it.

Is there someone you can more forgiving to today?  Give it a try, even a small step!

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