Overcome by hope


Wealth is very fickle.  Some people are able to accumulate massive wealth, while others live a very scarce life.  Some have financial wealth, while others have wealth in other forms.

  • A wealth of talent
  • A wealth of children
  • A wealth of beauty
  • A wealth of good health
  • A wealth of words

Identifying wealth is very dependent upon your perspective.

A few months ago, a fellow blogger described his mission trip to Africa with Compassion International.  Although I have never been to Africa, I have seen first hand the very austere living conditions in Southeast Asia during my time in the Navy, and it is heartbreaking.

In his blog, Goins, Writer, Jeff describes in great detail his visit to Africa – the immense poverty, sickness, and simple living conditions.  He pondered the question – What can be done?

This is a valid point.  What can we do in our luxurious society of North America?  Can we alleviate the poverty throughout the world?  Would sending our excess cash actually make a sustainable difference?

Jeff responded to this question with an astute statement:

Poverty isn’t defeated with wealth.  It’s overcome by HOPE. – Jeff Goins


Hope is looking beyond our current circumstances to a better day ahead.

Hope is what drove our fore-fathers to leave the bad circumstances of 18th and 19th Century Europe and journey to America in search of a better land and opportunity for themselves and their progeny.

Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning – the prospects and opportunity of a new day.

Hope is within an African parent who saves every penny to send one of her children to school ten miles away.

Hope is capturing a vision of tomorrow, despite the bleakness of today.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1 (ESV)

Hope is taking a risk on a new relationship because we sense this is the right thing to do.

People and relationships are essential to our future.

Where does your hope rest today?  How can you encourage hope in yourself and others? Can you be more generous with your wealth in relationships and the people in your sphere of influence?

Do you have any of these wealth items?

  • Good health
  • Happiness
  • Material goods
  • Financial resources
  • Ideas and energy

Go share them!

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