Friday recommendation: The Gift of Writing


Today’s recommendation is The Gift of Writing.  Claire hosts a beautiful website in which she explores how writing is an essential tool for personal growth and healing.  Here is her mission statement in her own, well-written words:

I stand for love, for community, for a world healed and connected through story. For abundant life. For lives lived from the inside out. For joy to override depression through authentic connection and acceptance of others as they are.

I hope for curiosity for all. That we may begin to remember who we are and what makes us fully alive.

I stand for equality between men and women, religions and race. That everyone may have a voice and be connected to someone who will truly hear them.

My vision is to reach out to those people whose story or belief about who they are is preventing them from living an abundant life. Through the process of expressive writing, it is my goal to bring about healing, change and connection to self.

I recommend you check her blog out at:

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