Goodbye old friend…


We have been friends for quite a long time, decades.  This current version of you has been a close companion since 2006.  We had a good run together.

I remember the day I brought you home, all new and exciting.  You were flat and high definition – the talk of the town!  It was fun to sit and stare at you for hours or swing Wii-motes in front of your beautiful flat screen.  We had good times together.

However, as with many one-sided relationships, I had grown co-dependent.  I knew I had to get out of the bad relationship.  However, I wanted to let you down gently.

As you know, this past February, I put you on time-out.  You were taken off the prominent family room wall and into the storage space.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?

There you lingered, unplugged for 7 months, as dust accumulated on your slender black sides and top.

I thought it would be hard at first.  What would I do with my free time?  How would I be entertained?

But I discovered something.  I now had plenty of time to pursue the things I loved.

Writing: I started this blog with the space created in my life.

Reading: I have read many good books over the past months with the free time created without the distraction of TV.

Walking: Many a fine evening will find me out and about in the neighborhood or on a local mountain trail – enjoying motion and air and a clear mind.

Relationships:  I now can linger with my friends, talk and get to the heart of the matter.  I don’t even feel left out not knowing the latest headline news or the pending engagement between the fictional Penny and Leonard.

Try it.  Unplug the TV for a period of time.

Put the TV on timeout for a few days, week or month.

See if your quality of life is improved.  Mine certainly has.

Epilogue:  I no longer own a TV.  My old friend has been sold through Craigslist.  Farewell.

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