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A friend of mine’s daughter is an aspiring poet.  Recently I read one of her pieces and was flabbergasted that the words below were astutely expressed by a 13-year old!

As I grow as a writer, speaker, and communicator, I am learning of the power of words and how instrumental they are in establishing and building a relationship between two people.

Maryn at The Well recently discussed poetry.  The beauty of poetry is in the artistic use of words, but also the questions that are drawn, some answered and some left unanswered.

The questions, of course, draw a reader into pondering the questions, and to a place of introspection.

Please ponder Lauren’s poem, and the questions of how we use our words.


Meaningless words (by Lauren)

Why can’t we be like young children?
For they say words that they mean
For them life is white and black
They want apple juice or milk
A ball or blocks

Why do we say words that have no meaning?
When will we learn to tell the truth?

How can we say that we love someone when we love another?
Shouldn’t we be able to tell what we want?
The world is full of lies, and we add on to that by using
Meaningless words

It’s not our fault we say!
But who are we kidding?
The words are on our tongues,
But our emotions are in our hearts.

Oh when can we say what we want!
Though what we want is to know what we want

I don’t want to fill my life with meaningless words
I don’t want to mistreat them
But perhaps I already have
Maybe the only ones I say are meaningless.


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