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Photo courtesy of Pamela Logan

Photo courtesy of Pamela Logan

When I began The Hill of Beans last April, I had never built or written a blog.  I was very apprehensive, but I knew that it was something I had to do as part of my personal growth and healing.  So, I did what every good analytical type does and signed up for a course on blogging (thank you Courtney!).

In my mind I had a vision of the “perfect set-up” and knew that it eluded me.  Taking a comprehensive course on the basics of blogging helped me understand where to start.  Then, I just went for it.  It has been blessing to me.

Life is such that the perfect set-up eludes all but a fortunate few, and rather than wasting years chasing after an unnecessary ideal, better to find something that nails the important stuff, and then just get on with living.  ~ Glen at To Simplify

This brings me to the quote above by Glen at his blog, To Simplify.  Glen lives year round in a small, customized Volkswagen Vanagon in which he ventures to many scenic places unbound by the permanence of a fixed residential unit.  Glen’s statement above is a recommendation to people searching for the best recreational vehicle in which to travel the country.  However, the ramification is much more broadly applicable to many areas.

We need to get on with living life!

I have learned over the past year that I am extremely prone to fantasy.  I want the ideal result, whether it is in a meal, a vocation, or a relationship.  I envision in my mind what would be the most beautiful, the most pleasurable, the most profitable, (etc, etc) and then I compare that to my reality and my reality comes up wanting.

However, none of us live in Fantasyland.  We live here and now in the real world.  A world filled with imperfections, false starts, scars, wrinkles, worn shoes, and miscues.  If I constantly strive for the perfect, ideal fantasy situation, I truly miss out on what lies before me – the true, real, needy, imperfect people and situations of my life.

I am called to live in the here and now – in the real world.  Yesterday is gone.  I can not undo the mistakes of the past.  Tomorrow is not available yet.  I can not squander today fantasizing about an idyllic tomorrow.

The best use of my time, efforts, and energy is right now.  The perfect set up will ALWAYS ELUDE me!  Rather, I must live in the moment, with the resources, however, imperfect and inadequate.  I must deal with the dirt, mistakes, and baggage that come my way each and every day.

I must not be paralyzed in a decision just because I want a perfect outcome.  I don’t want to unnecessarily waste my days in search of perfection.  I must make decisions that nail the important stuff and then get on with living.

These are my guidelines for continued growth throughout 2015.

  • Stop chasing the fantasy.
  • Embrace reality.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Be present.
  • Be forgiving and engaging.
  • Continue to focus on that which matters.
  • Love and care freely, expecting nothing in return (this is a hard one and is the subject of a future post).

How about you?  Do you search for the ideal?  Do your fantasies keep you from moving forward in the here and now?

Blessings to you and your family throughout 2015.  Please drop me an email if you would like to suggest any topics for me to cover during the year or if you would like to submit a guest post.

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