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Sometimes I doubt my value and worth.

This is a lie, but nevertheless, I still mentally wrestle with the value I bring to society and the world at large.

Part of this stems from my view of the world.  It is a really BIG world, and I am just a small, miniscule part.  I frequently remind myself, that if I could travel at the speed of light, it would take me 100,000 years just to cross our own galaxy, the Milky Way.  Astronomers estimate that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe!  Wow.  That is a size more than I can conceive.

However, I firmly believe in God and His view of the world that He created.

God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good.  Genesis 1:31 (emphasis added)

I believe that God created EVERYTHING.  Everything that our senses can observe, and of course, everything in our universe of 100 billion galaxies, and even that which we can not observe using our ever-improving modern technology.

The real truth here is that God viewed what He created and declared that it was VERY GOOD.  That includes me.  It includes you.  I am very good in God’s eyes, and so are you!

Now of course, that is not the end of the story.  Turn a few pages in the book of Genesis, and you see the temptation and sin of both man and woman.  They had a choice, and they chose wrongly.  They doubted God and believed a lie.  They sinned, and as a result, all their descendants experienced the consequences of this original sin.

Consider the consequences, which were severe, but never once did God take back His declaration that man and woman were ‘good’ in His eyes.  Rather, He valued the creatures that He created in His own image so much that He provided a means of restoration from their sin.

The Lord God made for Adam and his wife garment of skins and clothed them.  Genesis 3:21

God provided a means to cover up the exposure, the consequences of their wrong choices.  He made it possible for them to regain a relationship with Him.

Never once in the Garden of Eden account did God curse the man or the woman directly.

To the serpent that lied to and tempted them, God states “cursed are you above all livestock”  – the enemy receives God’s curse.

To the woman, God “multiplies pain in childbirth”, not a curse, but a severe consequence.

To the man, Adam, God says “cursed is the ground because of you”.  Mankind doesn’t receive a direct curse, rather the ground, the earth, the source of our sustenance receives the curse.  Man must toil and work hard to sustain physical life, but this curse does not lessen man’s relationship with God.

Humankind is not directly cursed by the sin of man, rather God provided shelter and protection in light of man’s new vulnerability and proven weakness to temptation.  God covers man and woman’s nakedness and exposure with garments.  God provides the clothing, not man.  God takes action to restore the relationship, and blood was shed to so, consistent with the concept that “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 3:23)

Further, God drove them out of the Garden to protect them from further danger.  The Garden was no longer a safe place for them, and thus God had to take action to protect that creatures that He declared “good”.

How do these fundamental truths impact me?  What do they say about who I am and how I should live?

God created me in His image.  When He did so, He saw that it was “good”.  Because I am created in God’s image, I am bestowed immense value in God’s eyes.  The Apostle Paul states that we are “God’s masterpiece” (Ephesians 2:10).

Even though I was born with a sin nature.  Even though over the past 50.7 years of my life I have sinned countless times, I still am loved and considered valuable to God.  My sin nature is NOT my identity.  Rather I have a new identity bestowed by God.  I have been redeemed by God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  I am not cursed because of sin, but rather loved and embraced because of God’s original plan of salvation and reconciliation from the foundation of the world.

Thus, I am a new man.  I have a new, eternal nature.  I can thoroughly enjoy life.  I can live abundantly.  I can be generous because my outcome is assured.  I have hope.  I have freedom.

I should be about the business of caring for God’s creation, especially His people and those who need special care, the widows and orphans that the Apostle James commands that we care for.

This is joy and fulfillment in life.  Being assured of who one is and the value they provide to our world; because each of us was created in God’s image and He made each of us “very good.”

How about you?  What do you think of your value and contribution?

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