Problems or Possibilities?

Photo courtesy of Pamela Logan.

Photo courtesy of Pamela Logan.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.  – Soren Kierkegaard

One thing is certain in our lives – we will encounter problems as we walk life’s road.  Our problems start shortly after birth.  A baby cries, and is held, nurtured, and nursed.  Problem solved – at least temporarily.

As school children, our teacher provides assignments – problems for us to work through and in the process learn or perfect a new concept.  As we age, the problems get more complicated and difficult:

What college should I go to?  Will I find a job?  Who should I marry?  Where will I live?

Some problems are more difficult to solve, and sometimes are caused by influences beyond our control.

Will I be able to provide for my family now that I lost my job? Will I be able to fight this cancer?  Is reconciliation possible with that family member?

Problems are part of our daily experience.  If they aren’t then you must be living a fairy-tale life, and I’d like to be part of it!

This past weekend I attended a conference and the speaker presented a very keen perspective towards problems.  We should not think of these unexpected and undesired circumstances as problems, but rather as possibilities.

Possibilities to grow, to learn, to connect, to gain faith, and or to ask for help.

Our attitude towards the circumstances of life is what matters most in moving forward in response to a bad situation.  In a previous post, I alluded to this attitude.

As Christians, our ultimate outcome is certain.  Thus, the outcome of the small decisions and steps we take as part of living here on earth will eventually lead us to a favorable outcome.

When faced with a trial or problem, consider the possibilities.  Consider how to do the most good through the situation.  Take the long view, and don’t focus only on the immediate outcomes.  Our response should be to do what is right.

One of my favorite verses speaks to our attitude when faced with hard situations, pain and suffering:

Those who suffer according to God’s will must commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do what is RIGHT.  1 Peter 4:19

The trials and challenges in life are possibilities.  Possibilities for new growth.  Possibilities for heading in a new direction.  Possibilities for sharing your burdens with others.  Possibilities for drawing closer to God through the Word and prayer and fellowship.  Possibilities for looking at a situation from a new perspective.  Possibilities for adapting new thinking.   Possibilities for turning one’s life around.

What problems are you facing that you could be approaching as a possibility?  Perhaps that long line at the grocery check-out is not a problem, but an opportunity to speak with the person in line behind you and make a new friend!

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