Experiencing peace

 Take a deep breathbreathing and peace

Peace – it is attainable! It starts with taking a deep breath.

I am at peace this morning. This peace is something that is tangible. I can taste and see and feel this peace. It has a supernatural dimension. It is a peace that has come from the Father, a manifestation of the Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

I will relish this feeling and linger here. It is good to dwell in peace.

This peace can be likened to freely breathing.  Recently I have noticed several songs on the radio with a similar theme: “just breath”. Breathing is a bodily function that is so essential to life that our brains trigger breathing automatically. We rarely think about our breathing, yet it is so critical that one can only go a few minutes without breathing. A lack of incoming air will grab your attention quite drastically.

Looking at breathing metaphorically, as these popular songs attempt to do, is a call to remember the basics, the essentials of life. Because it is automatic, we sometimes overlook breathing. We easily get busy and distracted with everyday tasks. The world distracts me. It attempts to load my senses so that I neglect that which is important and essential to life. These distractions draw my attention to the world and not focused on what is above.

“Breathing” – making space in my life to focus on that which is important must be deliberate. I must prioritize my time to breath the sweet aroma of God’s presence. This is the origin of the peace that I feel this morning – a peace that God has freely granted me. Even in this peace, I am aware that I don’t have all the answers. It is not the absence of care and concern that brings peace, but rather the assurance that the my future, my outcome is certain.  One thing I am certain and assured of: God loves me. He loves me as a child. He cares for me. He covers me in His grace. This is the essence of peace.

Peace may be defined as the absence of turmoil. Peace – a calm, quiet assurance. Peace – rooted in a firm confidence that my outcome is determined, assured, signed and sealed. Peace – providing courage to embrace and engage all that today and this world has to offer.

Knowing this, acknowledging my status is that first deep breath, inhaling God’s blessing of peace. Pausing allows me to recognize it, to linger in it and enjoy its freshness. This is a good place to be – to breath freely in the clean air of peace.

What do you do today to breath deeply? Where can you go to experience the moment and dwell in the peace that is available?

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