Itching ears

itching ears

“Itching ears” – whenever I read that expression in Scriptures it piques my curiosity. It is an interesting metaphor. When our physical ears itch, we have an immediate, and almost instinctive desire to reach up and scratch that itch. Itching ears quickly draw our attention, yet rarely is an itching ear a serious health crisis. This […]

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White as snow


It is a cold, crisp morning here in Colorado. The temperature has dropped over night, and a very pretty, velvety layer of powdered snow lies across the land. The sun shines, which illuminates the whole mountainside making everything twinkle with beauty. In this setting, I reflected on the concept of forgiveness and being forgiving, a […]

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Taking offense


While driving down the highway in the right lane with several cars around me, all traveling the posted speed limit, a pick-up truck is seen to my right trying to merge from an on-ramp. There is nothing that I can do safely to help him. Eventually he speeds up and (unsafely) cuts in front of […]

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When I was working through the Twelve Step program, one of the lessons I accomplished required me to list and analyze my character flaws. One that I identified (amongst many others) was what I termed as “mediocrity”. I felt that I did not always strive for the best or give a task my 100% best effort. […]

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Other than its for its legal definition, the word “conviction” is seldom used in daily conversation.  I am referring to this definition of conviction: “a firmly held opinion or belief”.  We all have convictions of some sort.  Some are sound, some frivolous.  I am convinced the Mets will win the World Series or It is […]

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Breaking my food addiction


Last week I started a new regime of eating, called the Whole30 Program. Now I am not big on New Year’s resolutions or goal setting each year, but after way too much indulgence with regard to eating and drinking through the holidays, I was ready to commit to something different with respect to my relationship […]

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Recently a few friends and I discussed the concept of objectification. Objectification is treating a person … as an object or thing. Objectification dehumanizes a person, for whatever reason. If a man struggles with sexual addiction, he will tend to objectify women. For example, pornographic images depict the woman as two-dimensional, as a beautiful face […]

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Falling upward

falling upward

It is winter here in Colorado, and there is plenty of ice on the sidewalks and roads.  It hasn’t melted for some time, and walking (which I love to do in any weather) can be a bit hazardous.  On occasion, I slip and fall.  Normally when we fall, we end up falling down.  This is […]

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This is where I start


After nearly a year of sabbatical, it is time for me to start blogging again.  Sorry to all of you who have missed your regular dose of The Hill of Beans. Rest assured that I am on track to keep blogging exciting and thought-provoking articles throughout 2017.  My sabbatical over the past year has been a […]

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  Frequently I get caught up in the mundane aspects of life: waking early, going off to a 9-5 job, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, … rinse, repeat. I lose track of the important aspects of life and my purpose. I become too concerned with the temporal aspects of life and things of the world. I […]

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