The city in which I call home has a visible number of people who do not reside in regular residences (i.e. “homeless”). Also, at nearly every major intersection, there is someone with a cardboard sign asking for handouts (aka “panhandlers”).   These people are seen on a regular basis, especially during the fine summer weather […]

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There are over 7 billion people living on this planet. Unless you live in a very isolated cave, it is hard to avoid other people. They are everywhere and they are an essential part of our lives. We all are involved in relationship in one way or another – our survival depends on it. Most relationships […]

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Each day we make a number of decisions. The choices we make a greatly influenced by our priorities and beliefs. If we believe that organic food is better for our health and healthy eating is a priority, than we will chose to purchase the organic variety of produce at the grocery store. Fortunately, we live […]

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Be light


Illuminate the dark places in your world. Imagine that you find yourself in a pitch black room with several other people – some friends, some family, some strangers.   The darkness in this room is complete; you can not even see your hand in front of you.  You hear the voices of the others, and an occasional […]

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Words have power


A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.  Proverbs 25:11 We all have a great power.  That power is the spoken word.  We can speak life into one another or we can break each other down through the words we speak. When God created the universe and all things […]

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I am rich! Now what?


Two weeks ago I wrote about wealth and how the sharing of ideas has  contributed to the vast amount of wealth in the world today. In comparison to the majority of nations and people throughout the world, Americans are very wealthy and have an extremely high standard of living. Two centuries ago, the average world […]

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With great power comes great responsibility

great responsibility

Over the past few weeks, I have been the recipient of several pieces of sober news. Sad, scary, shocking, frustrating. These are just a few of the words to express my emotions in response to this series of “apparently” unrelated events that have come to my attention. A friend, a terrific example of success in […]

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What is the source of wealth?


Yesterday marked the first day of my 52nd year (although I would prefer 39) here on earth. In reflection, I can appreciate how blessed I am to live in this time and place. I live in the most prosperous and free country that has ever existed in known civilization. Our form of government, under The Constitution, […]

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Experiencing peace

breathing and peace

 Take a deep breath Peace – it is attainable! It starts with taking a deep breath. I am at peace this morning. This peace is something that is tangible. I can taste and see and feel this peace. It has a supernatural dimension. It is a peace that has come from the Father, a manifestation […]

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Who gets to decide what is right and wrong?

right or wrong

Justice – the complicated virtue What is justice? Is it a virtue or is it an inalienable right of all men and women? There are several common uses of the word justice. The dictionary definition for justice that I will discuss is “rightfulness or lawfulness; the administering of deserved punishment or reward.”  The first part includes […]

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